Susan Dickinson and Age in Place have been an invaluable resource in my work as a Public Guardian/Probate Investigator. I have utilized her Age in Place services in a variety of ways, including the remodel/renovation of a conservatees’s home, the relocation of several conservatees from one placement to another, the providing of necessary support and services to Public Guardian conservatees in order to maintain their safety in their own homes, and the providing of unique care plan services that other agencies or programs do not  offer. Susan is a warm and loving person who has the uncanny ability to quickly ferret out the important issues and adjust the services she renders to the particular needs of each of my various clients.

In my position with the Public Guardian I work almost exclusively with dementia-stricken individuals who require extensive assistance in all areas of their daily living. Most, if not all haven’t a willing or able family member who can serve as an advocate for the oversight of daily care, comfort and safety. With Susan’s assistance I have been able to provide exceptional care to a number of our community’s most vulnerable members, and preserve the assets of both the client and the Public Guardian’s resources.

Susan and Age in Place have proven to be invaluable in my mission to provide quality management of care to the elderly persons whose well-being and safety have been entrusted to the Public Guardian’s Office by the Courts. I can wholeheartedly, and without reservation recommend Susan Dickinson and Age in Place as an alternative advocate, caregiver, personal assistant and compassionate companion to the elderly or infirm who, for one reason or another, lack quality care and effective advocacy from family members or close friends in their (the elderly’s) desire for continued independent living, a high quality of life, and a dignified passing.

—Stacey A. Wright, Probate Investigator/Conservator, Santa Barbara Public Guardian’s Office

My husband and I are in our 50's and recently completed a minor remodel and room addition. We had originally planned to add a second story to add more space, but decided against that due, in part, to the challenge that having stairs would be for us in our later years. Susan helped us throughout the process with decisions about our cabinetry, general design and also considering options that would assure our house would be comfortable for us 20 years from now when we are older and may experience mobility challenges. She had recently helped her father renovate his living space to make it easer for him to stay in his long-term home. She had great ideas that we were able to implement. She has a great sense of design, scale, style and was also sensitive to cost issues. We are truly enjoying our beautiful home and expect to live here comfortably well into our old age and perhaps for the rest of our lives. We will not hesitate to call on her again if we need additional advice in the future.

— Lynn and Steve, Santa Barbara

In all my contacts with Susan I have found her to be a compassionate, deeply  caring and hard-working person. She puts her clients first and goes beyond the call of duty to meet their needs and help them feel secure and cared for. She  has been a big help to our clients at the Center for Successful Aging.

— Gary Linker, Director of Center for Successful Aging

Susan is great!

In the initial planning stages of the new house we are building, we needed an emergency consultation regarding the feasibility of fitting the kitchen into the rather small space we have available. Susan responded immediately. She had many good ideas while remaining receptive to ours, and was very aware of what our needs would be as we age. She listens well, is cheerful and easy to talk to, and is generous with her resources.  We recommend her highly!

— Ann Sanders and Gerry Winant

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